This n' that on a sunny Monday

Cherries are getting ready in the garden. They had this bright red colour on them during the last few days and now the tree looks like decorated with tiny little fire balls. I tasted one. Not really sweet yet but tasty anyway. Maybe I should hang some cd's or other shiny things there to keep birds out from this delicious dining table.

And then the lilies... Don't really know how they are so big. The strong orange coloured flowers seems almost unreal while they shine in the bright sunlight. Height of these beauties reach 1,5 meters and each have like 20 flowers. If only I could name them for real. Until that I'll call them 'Lilies Spectacularis'.

 Today it was not only beautiful things in the garden. Had to do some masculine work as well to keep up my reliability. Our lawn-mower said "psfiyy" last week and hasn't woken up since. Luckily there is a repair shop (Flexo Power) for them just around the corner. Our sick machine got a ride to hospital. The mechanician said some strange words to me of which I hardly understood any. But he promised I could have my friend back home safe and sound later this week. Well, later this week meant like 3 hours in practice. Good, friendly and fast service I would say. And the machine worked nicely and the lawn got trimmed.

After doing some drawings and plans for an outdoor garden kitchen and green house combination I decided to clean a couple of those old window frames we bought last week. Took old fixing parts out and brushed dust and dirt off. If only I could decide how the whole 'building' should look like. My ideas and plans tend to change all the time. But are we in a hurry with this? No, this will be a master project for next spring. Winter months can be spend for making proper plans and calculations. Want it to be well done and carefully planned.

Green House of Botanical Garden in Helsinki

Inside the house our kitchen chopping board needed some cleaning and new oil on it. It hasn't been done for a while and the board was looking a bit grey and heavyly used. First some deep grinding with sandpaper P40 (know it's a bit rough, but as the surface was in a really bad condition...) and then with P100. Final touch was made with steel wool, grade 5. These three steps made it look pretty good. Some knife marks remained but who cares. Dust off and then some Osmo colour top oil (oil wax for wooden tables and boards in kitchen) on. Now just need to let it dry for a day to see if another layer of wax is needed. Looks almost like new already.

And just not to get too lazy I made a pair of concrete paving slabs. We still need 7 of them to finish our chess pavement next to the entrance. We started this project last summer together with our neighbour and haven't yet finished it - one day we will. So after this pair only 5 left. This time the other slab will have foreign coins on it and the other some glass pearls. As I use this upside-down technique with these slabs it will be exciting to see the result ones they are ready and taken out from the moulds. Hope they look fine and original. Our idea is to make each plate different (for chequered paving we use half self-made and half ready-made). Don't know yet how the rest of the slabs will look like. Will show you photos after the project is ready. The wooden moulds are self-made and measure 40x40 cm. I used the same concrete mixture S100 as with the small stones I made earlier this week. To make concrete stronger I used a piece of metal net inside both slabs. Now these two surprise pieces of art are there in the garden, covered with plastic to make them dry slowly.

Concrete Stones / Garden Path

It was a busy, sunny, summer day here at Villa Hattarala!

- Mika -

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