Project chairs

Here they are, two old chairs. Or to be more accurate, one whole chair as the other one is in 8 separate pieces. My plan for last year and a half has been to fix them. Now I finally got inspired. I originally bought them  from huuto.net (www.huuto.net) with good price as they were not in perfect condition and I knew they were both in need for some fixing.

They were both varnished dark brown and the surface was in bad shape already. Upholstery was neither our style nor properly done.  And paddings didn't practically excist so they both needed to be replaced with new materials.

The project started by removing upholstery and paddings. There was only a very thin layer of seaweed left as a padding and even without any lining. The upholstery fabric and the whole technique it was earlier fixed were not done correctly - even I understood this.

After this first step I gently opened all the loose joints of the other chair and started sanding the wooden pieces. Under the dark brown varnish I discovered this really nice light coloured wood which looks much better and more natural & original. I'm planning to use oil wax to keep this original colour. I'm no expert with old furniture but for sure the result should be better than before.

The other chair which at the moment is in 8 pieces is going to be more challenging for me. Luckily there is a carpenter (my sister) in my family. A phone call to her and the online helpdesk is open. She gave me good tips for choosing right glue for the joints and also ideas how to renew the paddings etc. I felt much more confident about the whole project.

Next thing is to get glue, oil wax, some tools (clamps) and all the necessary materials for paddings and upholstery. The style of fabric is still open. Maybe something with yellow and checked or striped. Something simple and for everyday use. We'll see what I'll end up with.

If these two chairs succeed the next step is to fix three more. They are more or less same style but without any paddings and upholstery. They are all painted several times and look untidy. My plan is to paint them all white unless I'll find nice colour of wood under all those paint layers.

Promise to post some photos as this project move on.

- Mika -

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