Dear friends and strangers.

I started this blog about one week ago and have noticed a great deal of foreign visitors since. This makes me super HAPPY!

My story is about gardening and everyday life in a pink, wooden house here in Finland, which both might be of interest to all foreign readers as well. Therefore I decided to switch my brains and my fingertips in English. This I find challenging as my language skills aren't perfect. But as I often think; not many things are really (and don't even need to be).

Starting today I will try to write as much as possible in English. And please, do forgive me if sometimes I temporarily use my native language or otherwise use some strange expressions. Here in Villa Hattarala even the language used can be of a strange kind.

If ever you feel like asking me something or want to make a comment, please do so. After all, I am here for you.

Dear readers, welcome to my "not-so-perfect-world" here at Villa Hattarala.

- Mika -

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